Think About Time

Thinking about the beginning of what we know as time. Thinking about that moment when God spoke and His words put it all in motion!

There was a moment when nothing that exists existed and then a moment later it came alive. ... Jesus was there ... in that moment. John 1:1 says He was with God and that He is God!

I want to be close to the One who put it all in motion. I want to be close to the designer of the universe. The Creator! The True King!

Today ... I'll be living my simple little life but making really big decisions (to me they're big). How foolish would it be if I didn't make my decisions based on the Word of the One who made the ground I'll be standing on and the blood that's flowing through my veins when the thought of my decision hits my brain? I need to fully trust in Jesus today. All day!!!!!

Take a long slow look at John 1:1-2 this morning!!!!! You'll have a blast.

Scott Burks

International Headquarters, 3809 Bridle Path, Arlington, Texas, USA