How Do You Make Decisions?

I wonder how many times we try and make decisions, really big decisions without seeking the counsel of the One who made it all.

In John 1 we see that Jesus was in the beginning and that nothing that has ever been made was made without Him. Jesus made everything!

We also see that Jesus is the light of man. He is light! What is more brighter than light? When you can't see in the dark, what do you do? You turn on the light.

I'm making really big decisions every day and so are you ... that's what life requires of us. My personal challenge and one I'll share you is to make every decision you make after sitting at the feet of Jesus. Don't make decisions out of your intuition. Make decisions in the middle of communion with the One who made it all! He will never let you down!

Scott Burks

International Headquarters, 3809 Bridle Path, Arlington, Texas, USA