Word one is WONDERFUL :: 

Everyone wants Wonderful. When wonderful is present people smile. People want wonderful things and people are drawn to, compelled by and moved to action by wonderful humans. 


Word two is COUNSELOR :: 

A Counselor is always in need. You'll need a counselor maybe even before you finish reading this post. You'll need counsel before you close your eyes tonight.


Word three is MIGHTY ::

Mighty is strong, powerful and rugged. Mighty is what makes life something special. Mighty is magnetic. Mighty changes the world.


Word four is GOD :: 

God. Nothing more nothing less. Everything. All encompassing. Full. Unequal. Unparalleled. Unable to be limited. Limitless. Uncontrolled. Uncreated.


Word five is EVERLASTING ::

Everlasting :: Never going away. Can't be destroyed. Strong. Durable. Trustworthy. Ever present.


Word six is FATHER ::

Father :: Overseeing. Loving. Compassionate. Encouraging. Present. Leader. Servant.


Word seven is PRINCE ::

Prince :: One with power. Holder of authority. Coming from royalty. When a prince is present the atmosphere changes. People notice the prince.


Words eight and nine are OF PEACE ::

of Peace :: inviting. No dividing. Unifying. Represents cooperation and love. Peace in it's very nature is love. You can't find peace without love and love without peace. We need to be of peace.


Nine words come from Isaiah 9.


For to us a child is born, to us a son is given; and the government shall be upon his shoulder, and his name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. Isaiah 9:6







Life Comes from God ... His Followers Never Die

It's images like this that remind me once again how incredible it is to be loved by the Creator.

God created the world ... He created me ... He has a plan for His creation. As long as I live, I need to stay connected to the One who made the world and everything in it. The moment I step away from Him and try to do my own thing is the moment I begin to die. However, the moment that I draw close to Him, I find life. When I sit at His feet, the words of life that only He can bring flow through my ears and into my heart. Jesus is Life and His true followers will never die.

The man who does the will of God lives forever! I John 2: 17

1 hour can change your life!

Try these 4 simple things and see what happens.

  1. Take 15 minutes and pray
  2. Spend 15 minutes reading a passage in the Bible (John 1 is a good place to start)
  3. Be still in solitude and meditate on God for 15 minutes
  4. Let a worship song play on repeat for 15 minutes 

After you finish, take a few more minutes and journal whatever comes to mind. It's important to write down what the Lord is doing in your life.

How Do You Make Decisions?

I wonder how many times we try and make decisions, really big decisions without seeking the counsel of the One who made it all.

In John 1 we see that Jesus was in the beginning and that nothing that has ever been made was made without Him. Jesus made everything!

We also see that Jesus is the light of man. He is light! What is more brighter than light? When you can't see in the dark, what do you do? You turn on the light.

I'm making really big decisions every day and so are you ... that's what life requires of us. My personal challenge and one I'll share you is to make every decision you make after sitting at the feet of Jesus. Don't make decisions out of your intuition. Make decisions in the middle of communion with the One who made it all! He will never let you down!

Think About Time

Thinking about the beginning of what we know as time. Thinking about that moment when God spoke and His words put it all in motion!

There was a moment when nothing that exists existed and then a moment later it came alive. ... Jesus was there ... in that moment. John 1:1 says He was with God and that He is God!

I want to be close to the One who put it all in motion. I want to be close to the designer of the universe. The Creator! The True King!

Today ... I'll be living my simple little life but making really big decisions (to me they're big). How foolish would it be if I didn't make my decisions based on the Word of the One who made the ground I'll be standing on and the blood that's flowing through my veins when the thought of my decision hits my brain? I need to fully trust in Jesus today. All day!!!!!

Take a long slow look at John 1:1-2 this morning!!!!! You'll have a blast.